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Love for the Nap During the Pandemic

Love for the Nap During the Pandemic

My partner has always been big on napping on the weekends. Since retiring he averages 30 – 60 minutes a day of resting his eyes, as he calls it. Since staying safely-at-home while isolating from Coronavirus, I join him most days.  For the last few days in a row, my nap has become two hours of rock-hard sleep. After today’s big sleep, I woke up wondering if there is something wrong.

I come from a line of women who lived by the power of the nap. My mom and Grammy, her mother, were “power” nappers. They could lay down, close their eyes, and wake up refreshed 15 minutes later. I recall that I resisted naps as a child and as a young adult thought they seemed almost lazy – there is so much to be done!

During these Covid-19 pandemic times, I am napping almost daily. It feels luxurious and has become necessary some days. Interestingly, I find I am sleeping better and longer at night, as well. Perhaps I am catching up from running a business, working six days a week, and taking worries and concerns to bed with me each night. Perhaps it's simply because I have more time as we isolate at home.

All that is true, however I think the bigger answer is I now find napping delicious.  And, as studies suggest, my thinking is clearer. And, I am now better able to quiet my mind and more easily leave it open for insights and joy.

I set an alarm to wake up 45 minutes after laying my head on the pillow for a nap. I have concluded that two-hour naps are too long for me on a regular basis, but if I sleep through the alarm my body is taking care of itself. Sleep is our natural restorative state. Mind, body, and soul benefit from this down time. I hope you embrace it, too.

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