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Lessons of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Lessons of the Covid-19 Pandemic

This morning I brought myself to tears while hearing an ad for a large corporation that provides essential goods and services.  It’s a company that I have often spoken about in disdain.  Today, I’ve woken up to the fact that the people who work on the front lines for that giant are real people who put themselves in harms way in order that the rest of us may stay safely at home.  Thinking about their sacrifice brought tears of shame.  When I realized why I was crying, my shame turned to gratitude – gratitude for their service and gratitude for this latest lesson in humility.  I will not forget it.

So, while the ad showing video of the brave employees singing “Lean on Me” was produced by a clever public relations department, I see a solid truth in the story of the people singing.

Please stay safely at home.  Buy only what you absolutely need and then get the heck out of there.

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