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Spring Cleanse - Intentional Moments

Spring Cleanse - Intentional Moments

Most nights I get into bed and can’t remember the rote process of washing my face because I’m just getting it done - mind whirling away replaying the things I’ve accomplished that day (yay!) and the things that need attention tomorrow (a little less yay!). I’m sure you’ve been there, too, taking care of yourself, but not taking care of yourself.

There’s washing your face, which accomplishes a desired goal—cleansing. But every once in a while, it’s important to slow things down and get intentional with the things we’re getting done.

The changing of the seasons, a time for beginnings and ends, is my favorite time for a deep cleansing. This is so unbelievably good for my skin, of course, but for my soul, too.

To set the this-is-luxurious-and-going-to-take-a-good-while tone for myself, I get into some comfy pajamas. I’m in Maine, so right now as Spring is cresting Summer, that means flannels.

Next, I dim my bathroom lights. Trust me, if your bathroom doesn’t have a dimmer switch, it’s time for a renovation; totally worth it!

Then, to further signal to my body and mind that we’re shifting into low gear, I light a cluster of aroma-free beeswax candles, one-by-one. Personally, I love the smell of beeswax, which leaves enough room to appreciate the scent of the facial products.

Ah, the sound of water. This is where it really begins! For my normal-to-dry skin, I fill the sink with tepid water, adding a drop or two of an aromatic oil - I love rose.

Ready to begin, I submerge a soft cloth into the scented water, appreciating the feeling of my hands immersed. Then I bring the soaking wet cloth to my face, and press the warmth, moisture, and fragrance gently across my forehead, cheekbones, chin, and neck.

Now it’s time to take things up a note, washing with the Cleanse wash. I rub a clear dollop of the coconut and seaweed wash between my hands and then massage in slow, delightful circles across my face.

I love the higher note of this fragrance, which coincides with the more active washing motion. It really awakens my senses and helps keep me in the moment.

After rinsing the Cleanse from my face, I submerge my washcloth in the warm rosy water once more, and press it gently into my face.

Now it’s time to wash with Refresh to exfoliate, whose rose scent really intensifies the aromatic oils wafting up from the warm sink water.

At this point, my skin and I are so happy knowing that this is a process, not a destination. I’m feeling relaxed; the thoughts cluttering my mind washed away with the icky stuff cluttering my pores.

Rinsing the Refresh away, I settle in with the Grace mask. This is where things go from slow to s-l-o-w. And it’s delicious. I draw a nice hot bath, slip in, close my eyes, and soak for a good 10-20 minutes while the mask works its magic, infusing peptides to soften my lines and wrinkles and hydrate with apricot oil.

When it’s time to get out of the bath, I rinse off the mask, pat on Balance toner, and head straight for my satin covered pillow (more on that another time), completely and totally refreshed and relaxed.

Goodness, I’m ready to tuck in just talking about it! So, that’s how I take the time to really take care of myself. Think about what would feel good to you, then make the time to do more than get it done.


PS: For oily-to-acne skin, use the same routine substituting sage (balancing) oil in the water and the Clear mask before toner.

Also, if you can, at the change of seasons it's important to see your esthetician for a facial. It's a great tune up. 


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