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Taking Care of Sensitive Skin

Taking Care of Sensitive Skin

What is sensitive skin?  New customers often tell me their skin is sensitive – and then we explore what it means for them.  Do they just get a little pink sometimes?  Do they react to products, scents, pressure?

My naturopathic doctor describes me as a “sensitive body type.”  That discovery started with my skin.  If it were not for that magnificent organ letting me know my body doesn’t like something, what would happen to my overall health?  Surely disease would eventually take over.

While I am overall healthy and for the most part have a healthy lifestyle, I have some food allergies, cannot wear metal against my neck, ears, and wrists (no earrings!), and in the dry seasons I sometimes develop hives and rashes on my arms.  I also experience discomfort in my ears when exposed to wind.  Oh, and I have asthma 

I’ve lived with these issues for most of my life and have figured out how to keep them at bay for the most part.  I stay away from dairy and eggs – and if I cave in and eat my beloved eggs I know I will pay the price of aches and pains for a couple days.  Dairy is a whole other thing.  It’s just best for me to stay away from it. I protect my ears, and wear only non-metal jewelry.  Luckily there are some wonderful designers working with lucite, rubber, etc. out there.

When histamine does build up in my body, and the itchy rash appears, I apply a very thin layer of cortisone cream to the affected areas.  This takes away the itch so I don’t scratch which increases the inflammation.  I stop applying it as soon as the symptoms decrease.  I also take natural anti-inflammatory supplements when allergy symptoms appear.  These are prescribed by my ND.

Because I have determined what makes my skin react, I have more control over prevention and, therefore, my health and comfort.  I also always take good care of my skin – all of it, not just my face.  My personal experience and twenty years of helping others enjoy healthy skin, has shown me the proof that the better you take care of your skin every day, the more resilient it will be to the environment and dis–ease. 

If this information piques your interest about how to better care for your skin, please write to us.  Let’s talk.

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