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The RHEAL Truth

The RHEAL Truth

Come in close, let’s get real.

Here’s the truth. Life isn’t about either/or. You can be strong and soft.

You can embrace aging and want to age gracefully.
You can take care of others and take care of yourself.
Your skin can protect you and be vulnerable.
You can be subtle and striking.
And you should!

That’s why I used the best of science and nature when developing the RHEAL Skincare line.

I trust wisdom born of experiences and knowledge born of research.

I trust centuries of natural wisdom that tells us:

That coconut oil soothes and hydrates while acting as an anti-bacterial, that apricot kernel oil reduces dark circles and moisturizes, that bentonite clay draws out toxins, and that Chamomile’s aroma soothes the mind and body while acting as an anti-inflammatory.

I trust the scientific research that informs us:
That glycolic acid brightens and exfoliates, that salicylic acid and sulfur colloids clean pores, that camphor reduces redness, and that peptides can trigger collagen production in our bodies.

And I marvel at the overlap between science and nature:
In the way that hyaluronic acid mimics the chemical in our bodies that balances moisture needed for cartilage and organs (including your biggest organ, your skin!). How stem cells from orange plants can be used to influence your own stem cells to regenerate and regrow collagen!

At RHEAL, we believe skincare knowledge is sage and scientific, that it is multi-faceted—just like you.

Jul 14, 2019

I’m interested in trying your products but would prefer to see in person. Do you schedule appointments?
I’m not far from you and would be available most days.

Carole Perkins

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