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Vermont Retreat - Quieting My Mind

Vermont Retreat - Quieting My Mind

I drove from Maine to Vermont to spend four nights and three days with the explicit task of quieting my busy mind.  I chose a renovated barn in a small rural village south of Burlington as my nest to do the "work".

First things first, I went to a grocery store to get supplies.  I was road weary and wanted to just get it done.  On my list, among other things like vegetables and breakfast items, were flowers.  I stood in front of the flower selection deciding which color tulip to get.  The pinks were lovely but I argued with myself that I frequently get pink so I should go with the yellow, or be bold and go with orange.  It wasn't a thoughtful, happy moment.  I had it in my mind as a duty. I had to have flowers in my retreat apartment.  Busy, busy mind, right?

The next day, as my retreat guide and I sat discussing the principles in life that bring inner peace, I looked at the tulips and felt, really felt their beauty in all their pinkness.  With a quiet mind and an open heart they were no longer a duty.  They were a joy.  Phew.

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