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Who's Your Momma?

Who's Your Momma?

I was fortunate to have my bio-mom in my life, from birth forward. The teen years were sometimes rough; that goes without saying.  I knew I was loved and I loved her dearly.

Throughout my life I've also been blessed with role models and mentors, most of whom were women. At one point or another I was able to go back to some of them and thank them for taking the time to be with me, teach me, counsel me, believe in me.  Some were gone from this earth before I thought to seek them out and tell them about my gratitude.

So, wherever you are dear friends and mentors, thank you for helping shape the woman I've become. Whatever parts didn't work out is on me. My imperfections haunt me at times, however I feel whole and move forward.

I'm a big believer in saying thank you.

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