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Winning At The Hydration Game When You Fly

Winning At The Hydration Game When You Fly

I’m old enough to know better and, well, I do really.  I know the steps to take to make sure my skin is supported during air travel.  Still, on our recent trip to Sweden I developed a few pimples and still saw a puffy, lined woman looking back at me in the airport mirrors.

The humidity level is only at 20% in the pressurized plane cabins so our bodies instinctively move its natural moisture to the outer layers in an attempt to take care of the problem.  This results in excess oil on the surface and puffy eyes and swollen feet.  Ick.  It also causes dehydration in our internal organs which is potentially dangerous.

How do we prevent this?  It takes a little planning and self-control.  I know, why do good results often mean work? Let's not think of it as work. It’s self care which is love of self.  Love isn’t work. Right? 😊

Here’s what I did pre-trip.  Our flight was scheduled to depart late at night so that morning before beginning the car-to-bus-to-plane journey, I cleansed my skin gently CLEANSE and then exfoliated with a little AHA  REFRESH.  I then applied my favorite eye cream AWAKEN and moisturizer RENEW.

What I could have done additionally, was a twenty minute super-hydrating mask GRACE followed by a hydrating serum HYDRATE and then applied the eye cream and moisturizer.

Here are the pre-flight guidelines to less dehydration:   

  • Drink less coffee and alcohol the day before and drink lots of water.
  • Treat your skin to a moisturizing facial – professional or at home.
  • Also, wear sunscreen on the flight, especially if you have a window seat.  When flying you are closer to the sun than you ever will be!

During the flight:

  • Opt for water (lots) over coffee and alcohol.  I know a little something is tempting and eases the boredom, but it does you no favors.
  • Get up and move about the cabin as you can, which will help with the puffy feet situation.

After the flight, as soon as you can, cleanse your skin, do a mild exfoliation, and hydrate with a mask for 20 minutes.  Follow with a hydrating serum and the usual moisturizers.  Then watch how your skin bounces back in gratitude.

Relax with a delicious glass of wine, or pink gin -  or water with lemon, of course. 

Safe travels!  







Mar 20, 2020

Thanks Rhonda, I think of you and hope you are finding your way.
Take care

Peggy Fitzgerald

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