Rhonda Nordstrom portraitThe RHEAL Inspiration

As an esthetician looking at skin every day for many years, and working with some world class products, it was frustrating that I didn’t have something in our assortment that would help with acne.  Also, people were bringing to us their teens who had been using harsh products to no avail.

So, in 2006, I started a search for ingredients my dream acne line would contain – and what it wouldn’t.  That research led me to a lab that would formulate for us using the best of science and nature, and in 2007 we launched RHEAL Skincare.  The line was sold in our spa’s shop and recommended from our treatment rooms.  It was very exciting, and the response was positive.

What I discovered over time was many of the acne-treating ingredients combined with other ingredients made products that help skin age gracefully and, voila! Our Graceful Aging Collection was born.  And, now, eleven years later, we’ve added more products like beautiful, effective serums and gave the brand a more chic and sophisticated look.  It’s now a line that works for everyone.

We are excited to launch this website so that we may share RHEAL Skincare beyond our little shop in Rockland, Maine.  We hope you enjoy the site, try our products, and make your skin happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Happiness is not extraneous. Health is not an indulgence. Feeling beautiful is not a luxury.

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